Friday, October 21, 2011

Ministry Of Motion MoCap Dance Reseller at The Woods Of Marathon Caye

Hello everyone ... Cranston and Taylee here ... exciting news from The Woods Of Marathon Caye!!  Ministry Of Motion, one of the finest Mo-Cap Dance Animators on Second Life, has released vendors for some of their most popular dances ... AND MARATHON CAYE HAS THEM!!! ... come by, take a look, buy one at a time or in a pack.  Marathon Caye is proud to support the dances of this great company.  Come check them out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Powerhouse lineup on Wednesday night at Club CTO!!!

Tonight we have our full lineup at Club CTO!!!  Join us for 3 hours of live entertainment.  Jazz, Swing, Blues, Classic Rock, and YOU!  Our artists this evening include Cranston Yordstorm, BigJim Allerhand, and Keeba Tammas.  Events begin at 5PM SLT!  Casual Attire!  You don't wanna miss this evening!!!  See you there


Cranston Yordstorm is a performing artist in RL, working theatrical stages from northern California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts over a 20 year career. With an SL singing career that began in late 2009, he brings a Jazzy, Swingey, Bluesey fun time with him wherever he goes. With a varied songlist, there's always a little for everyone. Frank Sinatra,Bobby Darin, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Ray Charles and Elvis Presley are just the notables among the choices of musical influences.

Come on out for a swinging good time!!!

BigJim Allerhand ain't young and pretty, he's a long way from thin, but he sure can PLAY THE BLUES!!

Jim grew up in a small town in Southeast Kansas, and was influenced by Blues greats such as Lightnin' Hopkins, Jimmy Reed and Son House. Raised in a small Baptist church, he had the opportunity to merge these musical influences with gospel music.
Keeba Tammas has been part of the Second Life community since early 2007 but did not make her stage debut until 2009. A former professional vocalist, she still
enjoys singing and SL allows her the freedom to indulge in her eclectic taste of rock, jazz and ballads, with a smattering of showtunes.  Her relaxed wit and charm come through with each performance, drawing the listeners into the show and her open request format is a real crowd pleaser. Her love of music and performing come over during her gigs, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. Other performers often remark that Keeba is one of their favorites to listen to.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

From The Owner's Desk ...

Once in a while, Cranston or Taylee, the owners of The Woods Of Marathon Caye, will write something on their personal blogs which will be of interest to the visitors of The Woods, and if so, it will be reposted here for your perusal.

The following article, written by Cranston this morning, features the inspirations for some of the design of Marathon Caye, as well as the transformation that TWOMC has made from full summer greenery, to the splashes of color radiating during the autumn.  We hope you enjoy it, and that it may, perhaps inspire you to take yet another look at Marathon Caye, if it's been a while since your last visit.  Enjoy!

Cranston's Corner: COLOR TOUR!

Written by Cranston Yordstorm