Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super Fun Pirate Party Wednesday Night

Taylee and Cranston would like to thank everyone for coming out for Cranston's Pirate-themed Birthday party.  It was a wonderful turnout, and it was great to see everyone embracing the pirate theme.  Taylee and Cranston has been having fun the past few weeks doing pirate ship RP battles on the collection of sims called Fair Winds, and it was great to see a number of the Fair Winds pirates in attendance.

Cranston and BigJim Allerhand provided the entertainment, as part of the Wednesday night LIVE music events at Club CTO, and deserve special thanks for being flexible with the venue switch on short notice.

All in all, it was a fun night, complete with a post-concert free-for-all sword and pistol battle ... which ... well ... resorted to battles with Giant Pickle guns.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cranston Yordstorm Birthday Party Pirate Bash!!!

Hello my friends,
Cranston here!

My RL birthday is TODAY, September 28th, and we're having a pirate party to celebrate.  The Club CTO performances tonight will be moved to the party space, A cool pirate ship we've erected on the Woods Of Marathon Caye grounds.  The party will have a pirate theme, and we'd love as many people to participate in the theme as would like to.

To that end, if you wanted to come, and felt like donning some pirate garb, here is an LM to a place on a sim called Fair Winds, that is basically your one stop shop for pirate gear.

CLICK HERE FOR GK Designs (Pirate Gear LM)

You do not HAVE to come in GK designs pirate gear, and you do not have to come in pirate gear AT ALL.  This is merely a suggestion for ideas for you.  We would love to have you come no matter what.

The artist schedule is the same as any other weekly Club CTO schedule, I'll be singing at 5PM SLT, and BigJim Allerhand at 6PM SLT. Here's the LM for the location


So come on over tonight!!!  We'z a Birthday to celebrate!!!

Your friend, Pirate Captain Cranston

Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing the newest staff member of TWOMC and The Arboretum

Taylee and I are proud to introduce the newest member of The Woods Of Marathon Caye staff, lilmisslara Resident.  She has ample experience as a hostess on SL, and had a personal recommendation from our Sunday DJ, WookieChew Muircastle.

So ... introducing your Sunday afternoon 3-5PM SLT romantic music team at The Arboretum!

DJ WookieChew Muircastle: Arboretum DJ from 3-5PM SLT
lilmislara Resident: Arboretum Hostess

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Excellent evening of LIVE music at Club CTO, in The Woods Of Marathon Caye

 Cranston and Taylee would like to thank everyone who came out for a fantastic evening of great music on the Marathon Caye sim.  Great to see some old friends, make some new ones and enjoy the fellowship.  Special thanks to Storm Front Jazz for helping out to make for a truly wonderful LIVE experience.

Cranston Yordstorm started things of at 6PM SLT.  He decided to do a guitar-based accompaniment set (though he does NOT play guitar in RL.)  Some great Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley and the like.


Cranston rockin it out to a Brian Setzer tune.  Jazzy Swingey Bluesey Goodness, as usual.
Keeba Tammas joined us at 7PM SLT.  Brought an energetic performance.  She has been missed for the near month that she was not performing here.
A special evening with good friends and special talent.  Special thanks to all who made it possible.  Come back next week for the return of BigJim Allerhand to CLUB CTO!!!  Keeba is back in two weeks!!!

LIVE music TONIGHT (September 21st) at Club CTO!!!

Join us at The Woods Of Marathon Caye this evening, Wednesday, September 21st for an evening of LIVE music at our casual venue, Club CTO.
Cranston Yordstorm begins the evening at 6PM SLT, with Keeba Tammas joining the fun at 7PM SLT.  An evening of pop tunes, Jazz, Swing, Blues and your requests on this, our LIVE SINGER Wednesdays.  Casual Attire.

Cranston Yordstorm is a performing artist in RL, working theatrical stages from northern California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts over a 20 year career.  With an SL singing career that began in late 2009, he brings a Jazzy, Swingey, Bluesey fun time with him wherever he goes.  With a varied songlist, there's always a little for everyone.  Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Ray Charles and Elvis Presley are just the notables among the choices of musical influences.

Come on out for a swinging good time!!!

Keeba Tammas has been part of the Second Life community since early 2007 but did not make her stage debut until 2009. A former professional vocalist, she still
enjoys singing and SL allows her the freedom to indulge in her eclectic taste of rock, jazz and ballads, with a smattering of showtunes.  Her relaxed wit and charm come through with each performance, drawing the listeners into the show and her open request format is a real crowd pleaser. Her love of music and performing come over during her gigs, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. Other performers often remark that Keeba is one of their favorites to listen to.

Pirate Themed Party planned for TWOMC!

Taylee and I have been participating in 1700's-era pirate simulations, complete with pirate galleons, swords, muskets, and good solid fun company.  In the next week or so, we will be hosting a pirate-themed party in The Woods Of Marathon Caye.  I have already begun the process of building the stage for this event.  If you're even remotely interested in a unique experience in Second Life that involves sailing the SL winds and attempting to sink others into the briny deep in the process, and meeting some fun people in the process, stay tuned here and on facebook as the party is announced, and then come over and play with us.  Jolly Good Fun me hearties!!!!

Taylee and I on our tall ship, Terpsichore (far left) in a fleet of tall ships and galleons on our way to sink the green team.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2ndhub Group for TWOMC

A member of 2ndHub?  The Woods Of Marathon Caye has a group presence there.  Join us and friend us.  Here's the link to the public group.

Click HERE for The Woods Of Marathon Caye 2ndHub Group!

Marathon Caye is in the SL Destination Guide!

Marathon Caye is featured in the Destination Guide for Second life!

Check us out here!

Hello friends,

Cranston and Taylee here.  We've decided to create our own blog for The Woods Of Marathon Caye to fill you in on the various events and activities that are available for you at TWOMC!  So mark this page and check in periodically for the latest.

Don't forget, as well as being a fantastic getaway, an excellent place for backgrounds for your SL photo shoots, we provide bi-weekly LIVE music for your entertainment.

We've included a performance calendar for the two venues, The Arboretum and Club CTO as well.

See you on your next visit to The Woods!